Please read the following instructions carefully before filling the online examination form  for re-appearing.

PLEASE NOTE :-  If You Have already tried Online payment and Amount is Deducted Click at semester and proceed button appears then click at 'Duplicate Receipt' button to check Status of Your Payment or Reprint your online payment receipt. (Please wait for atleast  24 hours for Payment Status and Form to get updated in case of any disperancy) Semester
Do you accept all the 7 points given below   ?   (For Fresh  payment/form)
Please Note :  For 2nd,3rd & 4th  Sem for Year 2022, Fee is fixed as per the Date of Decleration of Results. Point 1 is not applicable at present.

1).   The fee for one paper shall be Rs.990/- and for multiple papers will be  Rs.1150/- for first 30 days  (after 16th August upto 15th of september  for sem 1st & 3rd sem  and  15th Jan upto 13th of Feb  for sem 2nd & 4th sem )and for next 15 day late fee of  Rs. 240/- will be charges  and after 45 days late fee of Rs. 390/- will be charged,after 60 days the late fee of Rs 810/- will be charged till the datesheet issued etc.. After that the candidated has to contact Examination PG section of the University.(YOU REQUIRE SCANNED PHOTOGRAPH AND SIGNATURE TO FILL ONLINE EXAMINATION FORM)

In case of online fee Transaction fees/Service charges charged would not be refunded/reversed for any refund or reversal or chargeback transaction. Transaction fees charged would be borne by the applicant/student for any payment.

2). . The candidates whose result is declared as disputed eliginility 'DE', or late under ‘Later ON’ category, can also fill online Examination Form  after their result is notified.

3). The candidates whose result is declared fail/re-appear can only fill online re-appear FORM with online fee payment mode only. No candidate is allowd to pay the fee at bank counter or through Bank Demand Draft etc. Such FORM(s) shall not be entertained at any cost.

4).There is no need to deposit the hard copy of the examination FORM at University in any case if you have filled the FORM online. Candidates shall only have to keep with them the online payment transaction reciept printed/downloaded after submitting the online form with online fee for their reference only.

5).In case any candidate is not able to download his/her rollno atleast  5 days before the commencement of the said examination(s), he/she should contact the Examination Section of the University of Jammu along with the online payment transaction reciept.

6).  Candidate shall not be allowed to change the Center at any cost once he/she has selected the same . Therefore  select the center carefully while filling the examination FORM.

7).   FOR  any failure payment transaction, University is not responsible at any cost. In case the payment gets deducted from the candidate's account and is not received at University end, candidates are advised to mail at  with the detail like rollno ,transacton reference number and date.

Solemn Decleration :
a). I have not passed this or any other equivalent Examination from this or any other Institute/University.
b). I have read this page carefully and accept all 7 points .
c). I accept the liability for action under the Statues & Regulations of the University for any mis-statement or concealed facts.